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Equator Monitor Reviews

Equator D5 & D8 Reviews

Mix Magazine
D5 Review | Mix Magazine
�It's a no-brainer. Buy these speakers. You will not be disappointed. If you don't like them, send them back."

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Electronic Musician
D5 Review | Electronic Musician
�These speakers settle in nicely; their distinguishing characteristics include accuracy that doesn�t grate, and the ability to make mixing a satisfying, not just clinical, experience."

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Tape Op
D5 Review | Tape Op
�The D5 studio monitor is high in quality, low in cost, sounds fantastic, offers amazing detail and imaging, and is backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee."

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Sound on Sound Magazine
D5 Review | Sound on Sound Magazine
�In the D5, Equator have employed the same innovative technology they use in their premium models � but at a remarkably low price."

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Recording Magazine
D5 Review | Recording Magazine
�D5 is niether brash nor mellow, it just sounds - for want of a dictionary's worth of other words - good . Accurate, detailed, balanced."

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Pro Audio Web Blog
D5 Review | The Pro Audio Web Blog
�The clarity is excellent where critical listening is required. In fact it becomes such a simple pleasure that you will often find yourself wanting to use the D5�s right around the clock."

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Sound Stage
D8 Review | Soundstage
�Equator Audio makes professional monitors that use DSP technology in two helpful ways."

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D5 Review | CNET
�The D5 is, by far, the least expensive desktop speaker I've tested with a coaxial driver."

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Music Radar
D5 Review | Music Radar
�Compact enough not to dominate your studio space, at first glance the D5s have the look of a two-way monitor until you realise that you're actually getting a tuned front port for bass that sits under the main driver assembly."

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Sound on Sound
D8 Review | Sound On Sound
"extremely transparent and well focused � Paul White - Sound on Sound D8 Monitor review"

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Equator Q8 Reviews

Sound on Sound Magazine
Q8 Review | Sound on Sound Magazine
�The stereo imaging is very sharp and stable, with rock-solid phantom images and an impressively broad sweet zone, which is thanks, in large part, to the coaxial nature of the drivers.�
Electronic Musician
Q8 Review | Electronic Musician
"Had it been my song to mix, the Q8s would have helped me hear and fix that before it went out."
Music Radar
Q8 Review | Music Radar
"The excellent room correction software adds to the appeal of what is a comprehensive monitor package."
Equator Q10 Reviews
iXBT Labs
Q10 Review | iXBT Labs
"The Q10 studio monitors belong to the highest category of professional speakers and offer a number of interesting design innovations."

Equator Q12 Reviews

Mix Magazine
Q12 Review | Mix Magazine
�In this price range, these monitors are a definite "must listen."
Pro Audio Pro Review
Q12 Review | Pro Audio Review
�The Equators should be a top choice for vocals/dialogue mixing for cinema and TV sound where the voice is of paramount importance."

Equator Q15 Reviews

Mix Magazine
Q15 Review | Mix Magazine
�Hands-down, these are the best-sounding, best performing monitors I've worked with."

Equator Q Series Reviews

EQ Magazine
Q Series Roundup | EQ Magazine
"I�m convinced the Q-Series does achieve Keffalo�s goals of bringing �Studio A� to �Studio Anywhere.�