How to fix water-damaged earphones

7 Steps How To Fix Water Damaged Earphones Quickly

How to fix water damaged earphones.Headphones hold a lot of importance for every day. Also, it is the most sensitive technology that we are keeping too far. No one can have a headphone for a lifetime. So, for some reason, our headphones get damaged, maybe by our own mistake.

Sometimes the damage is repairable, but sometimes the headphone may destroy. It may happen to anyone. There are many types of headphones that damage or harm. Two of them are: It may be fell mistakenly on the ground and get damaged. 

How To Fix Water Damaged Earphones

Water-damaged headphones often speakers of headphones got leaked, and it is crucial to managing it soon. I will discuss some essential steps for protecting your headphones from damage or fix water-damaged headphones concerning these damages. How to fix water-damaged headphones? Sometimes the headphones fall in the water and destroy.

But these earphones can be repaired with some simple steps. Many people have apple air pods that may get damaged by water, while others have simple earphones. Just choose your interest: How to fix water-damaged earphones?How to fix water damaged earphones   Finding the best way to proceed to fix your earphones is difficult. Because sometimes, If you are repairing earphones wet, they become irreparable (earphones lost and ruined by the wrong step) because of the incorrect linking procedure.

I hope the following contents may be helpful for you. Well, you have to follow all the given steps. Let’s start: Use a Soft Towel or dry tissue to remove water droplets outside. First of all, you should use a towel or dry cloth to get rid of excess water from your wet earphone.

It will not remove the water inside but will help to dry the place outside and absorb moisture. Be careful in this step because it will damage your device if the earphones are extra wet. A Rainy day may cause damage. Putting headphones in a warm place, not under hot Sun, to fix headphones

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Putting headphones in a warm place This water damage earphones step is out of all tips because if the damage (less wet) is not much, then you can put the headphones in some warm (but not expose in direct sunlight) in a safe and dry place(soft dry towel) just for some time of about 2 to 3 days.

It will help to remove excess moisture. So The moisture content of your headphones will be soon corrected, and your Bluetooth headsets get repaired.

Remove Tip sleeves

After drying the outside area with a soft towel, remove the tips(foam or silicone tips) of your earphone and put them in a dry place or a dry towel. In this way, the water droplets from the tips will soak in a dry soft towel, and headphones will be completely dry.

This is an easy drying process. Divide your earbuds for the internal components drying process This is a high-risk step as well as much important. By the way, you can open earphone parts with a small screwdriver. Or you can also use a fingernail edge for opening electrical circuits.

Just give it slight pressure and explore internal parts. Well, you can take assistance from Google about its components.

Be careful with this because it may be harmful to your device. Remember the next steps because you have to assemble the components inside in their original place again. Use something to clean inside earphones’ wet place. If your headphones got wet with glue-type stuff or muddy water on the street by dropping down or by accidental earphones dropped in the bathroom.

It would be best to clean the inside area with distilled water or deionized water using some earbuds or cotton swabs for space cleaning. Only distilled water drops can be used but be careful with the electronic circuits inside. Because sometimes, the locality water may contain other impurities that may ruin your electronic device. So, precautions are essential.

Also, do not panic and afraid in such situations. But if headphone gets wet with clean water, then you should air dry. However, you can use a hairdryer, air blower device, or other drying agent or blowing device but very carefully from some distance.

I am not recommending this because sometimes you do not understand the right thing and apply the wrong one, which could prove destructive for earphones because a hot environment can quickly melt the earphones’ plastic. So, it is high risk and damages your earphones.

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