How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works in 2022?

Are you also tired of buying expensive and new pairs of earbuds over and over again? Meanwhile, you are again stuck with the issue that only one side works similar to old headphones. Then don’t worry, as we have a list of hacks for your damaged earbuds. In addition, earbuds when only one side of wireless headphones is functional. So sit back and read the article (How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works?) thoroughly for the best guide ever.

How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works

Moreover, buying new earbuds, again and again, pisses off many users. But they are left with no choice as most users want to connect and enjoy listening free from extra noises. In addition, headphones without a wire are advanced steps so that there is no need for a cable to plug or insert in the jack. Thereby if one of their earbuds won’t work, don’t replace it. Then they will be facing quite a lot of issues. So instead, repair and fix your connecting, disconnect or reconnect issue either on one side or both.

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Delicate In Nature:

Meanwhile, these wireless and wired headphones are extremely delicate. Further, falling from a small height can be an issue. Additionally, the wire may get broken, and audio settings are disturbed and result in switching. Suppose you are sitting with a damaged earbud in your hand. Then read its causes and solutions thoroughly before throwing away your wireless headphones. Meanwhile, you can connect and pair a Bluetooth earbud with an android.

Moreover, earbuds have a slider that helps to provide hold. The slider is a little plastic clip.

Further, you can hear output that connects to a headphone to play stereo or any other music. Every headphone has different battery life. Additionally, you may also connect to a computer and test. Above all, you may replace your heavy headphone with earbuds. In addition, I will switch you.

Moreover, you might waste money and wait only because of a small problem. Let’s pull and split your problem into several steps. So that you can understand common causes in detail. Taking your Bluetooth earbud for repairing is good. But first, make sure to reset and clear other minor issues of the speaker. Further, fix this with the process of solutions either for one side or both.

So let’s start by discussing what could be the possible damage your earbuds might have.

Most Common Issues Of Wireless Headphones:

To know how to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works, check the root cause and manual first step. Bluetooth headphones are often delicate pieces that might not be working properly because of the following mentioned aspects of headphones.

Devices Issues:

One of the major technical issues may not be with your headphones. But with your device. So make sure to check the device’s audio settings. Further, make sure that mono settings are not enabled on your device, as the mono setting will lead to the playing of the mono track. Meanwhile, this feature of the audio set is helpful for people who have difficulty hearing from either side. In addition, make sure that your socket of the phone is alright. So for this, you can note whether your earbuds are fine with other phones. Switch to another phone and replace the connection. If it works fine, try to reconnect with your previous hardware and play.

Moreover, it will be helpful to make a sound more pleasing from the device. So that only one ear, either from the left earbud, you can play and hear. In addition, try restarting your media device once so that you are 100 percent sure that there is no fault with your device, and it’s working fine. The disconnection of sound from only one side is that the speaker works faulty while producing sound. Further, this will ensure no connectivity issues with your earphones, laptop, or phone device.

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Analyzing Your Earbuds:

Broken Internal Wires:

A broken wire is among the most common causes of function failure from one side of wireless earbuds because cables are present inside the Bluetooth earbuds pair or headphones. Further, inside wires of these wireless earbuds may get broken because of falling or throwing earbuds carelessly in the house. In addition, this may cause a lack of a protective case door or bag of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Moreover, you can not guess from the outside. But you can surely view this after opening your earbuds pair or Bluetooth device to fix wireless headphones.

Meanwhile, this may be for only one side pair. Further, if you are not a tech expert, don’t worry, as we have a solution to this problem at the end of this article. Troubleshooting is easy working to balance, adjust, and fix the required repair.

In addition, broken wire is a common issue of wireless and wired ones.

Halfway Point Issue:

It is normally defined as an issue while transmitting sound signals wirelessly and difficulty in listening. Earbuds devices have both audio functions in them. So you can analyze your audio quality halfway. By simply inserting an aux cable plug in the audio jack or aux jack of your phone

Suppose the music is playing smoothly with an aux cable plugged in aux cable jack, socket port, aux socket, or headphone jack. Then your earbuds have a halfway point problem. Moreover, it is very easy to analyze, figure out and fix whether your Bluetooth earphones have the halfway point common problem for one side or not. In addition, this problem is not valid for apple air pods like similar models because these different models of apple are completely wireless.

Moreover, no matter what is wrong with your headphones, it is easy to troubleshoot and find a solution for your headsets. Further, having sufficient knowledge about an earpiece can help to resolve and remove your problem.

Dirt In Your Wireless Earphones:

Are you worried because one earbud of your favorite Bluetooth earbuds pair has issues in one ear while playing audio? Further, an audio file or audio source file is inaudible for you and stuck halfway. Meanwhile, you are looking forward to fixing earbuds, but you are confused with their troubleshooting. One culprit might be the dirt around your surroundings which disturbs sound from playing music, beats, or your favorite music—moreover, not only ground from the surroundings but also your ears. As a result, the wax from your ears will accumulate in your earphone or headphone. Further, the clogged earbuds may lead to a decrease in the performance of earbuds working from one side.

Now, we will have a look at their solutions.

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