Earbuds vs Headphones – Which is Best in 2022

While looking for a topic about EARBUDS vs HEADPHONES, the internet is full of information.

However, all such information is just for your guidance. The final decision of a person depends upon your personal choice or convenience level.

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People also use these terms ( EARBUDS vs. HEADPHONES) interchangeably in routine life. But it is quite a big difference between these two audio devices. Both headphones and earbuds are for an excellent sound experience. Before buying a new pair of headphones or earbuds, you should check their features and comfort level.

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Earbuds vs headphones – Basic Difference

When we check about the basic difference, headphones are put around the user’s ear. But in the case of earbuds, we insert them in our ear canal while listening to something on the computer or mobile. So, we wore headphones on the head, and we put earbuds in our ear canal.

The market is full of brands of headphones and earbuds. All have their own features (pro and cons). So, this makes it difficult to decide to select among multiple options. On the flip side, wearing headphones for a long period of time can cause discomfort and sweat around the ears, while earbuds are very convenient to wear.

The next question is which device gives better results, or both devices have their own pros and cons? Which one is good for your hearing health.

Let’s see more information about it.

Which are Better True Wireless Earbuds or Wireless Headphones?

Both headphones and earbuds are audio quality devices, and they are recommended for great sound quality. Sound quality depends upon multiple things, and before making any comparison, we will see e pros and cons of both headphones or earbuds one by one. So, you can make a decision about which device to prefer.

Earbuds vs. headphones: Which one should you buy?


Headphones are two audio speakers linked with a band, and a person wears them on his head to listen to sound waves privately, and for noise cancellation, they work well by detecting ambient sounds around your headphones.

The general design or structure of each pair of headphones is the same. However, the final design may differ slightly from model to model. You can also go for wireless headphones to increase your mobility. (especially for runners or active lifestyle).

There are many advantages of headphones. We will see all of them in this article step by step. So don’t miss any information, especially when you are confused about various brands of audio devices.

Types of headphones include the following two options:

  • On-ear headphones or over-ear headphones
  • Open-back or closed-back headphones

On-ear Headphones or Over-ear Headphones

Over-Ear vs. On-Ear Headphones — What's the Difference? - The Wire Realm

These are all high-quality headphones, whether on-ear headphones or over-ear headphones. So choice depends on personal preference. On-ear headphones are the worst in noise isolation, while over-the-ear headphones cover is outside of your ears. So, they are more efficient in blocking ambient noise.

Moreover, over-ear headphones come usually with bigger earcups and bigger ear cushions, and they generally cover the outer ears to control active noise (not just ear canals)

Open-back or Closed-back Headphones

Open-back VS Closed-back Headphones: Which Should You Buy? - Headphonesty

The closed-back headphone is good for controlling external noise, and these headphones generally give you a noise isolation experience compared to open-back headphones. But you can wear headphones (open back headphones) for a long period of time without any difficulty.

So, for passive noise isolation, closed-back headphones and over-ear headphones are for you.

After seeing headphones’ pros and cons, now we will see the features of earbuds, or you can say that earphones.

Better Sound Quality ( Earbuds over-ear headphones)

Both earbuds and headphones control ambient noises up to some extent. Earbuds typically are better in terms of comfortable and convenient experience, safety, low weight, etc. If you are thinking about sound quality, then be sure that you buy high-quality earphones that will surely match with headphones in terms of sound quality.


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Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is an acoustical technology that helps detect ambient sounds surrounding your headphones or earbuds. After that, it reverses the phase of the sound waves to cancel them. But noise cancellation is best for low-frequency sounds.

Active noise cancellation, Part 2: Implementation Frequently Asked Questions


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Suppose you are looking for a specific model that gives you an excellent listening experience in the shape of earphones, then Apple’s earbuds are best for various tunes, including bass. They are very lightweight with tiny size and shape.

It is one of the best choices available in the market. So users can wear them at any place without any trouble because of their high portability. They have very long battery life and a better wireless connection.

They are designed in such a way that one’s can enjoy them for a long period of time without charging problems. It has a wireless charging case, so you need to put them in that case, and whenever you take them out, they are ready to use along with your mobile. (iPhone, Ipad, Mac, or Apple Watch).

More Features

Moreover, these earphones work just like a magic as they remain connected automatically, and you don’t need to connect them every time. You don’t need to pause the earphones as they are created so that they sense it when they are in as and when a person takes them out, they become paused automatically.

A person can adjust the column level by saying (Hey Siri) or even making any call. You have the freedom to wear one or both AirPods, and you can play or skip forward with a double-tap.

For a wireless charging case, you need to put that case on a Qi-compatible charging mat, and it will charge there. There is also a LED indicator on the front side of the case to know about charging easily.

Moreover, it has long battery life, and you can use earphones for listening for about 5 hours and for talking; you can use them for almost 3 hours in just a single charge to give you the utmost comfort level and serve you in the best possible ways. You are advised to charge them for just 15 minutes, and you will get 3 hours for listening without any problem.

Airpods Pro

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With a high comfort level, shopping Airpods for any game, using them during workouts, etc., is a great decision. You can carry them everywhere. You can wear them while exercising or during any gym workout. Airpods pro provides you with superior sound quality and controls ambient noise.

Moreover, it has flexible silicone tips that fit in ears, and with such earbuds, you can find the best fit for your outer ear by the availability of three sizes. To select the perfect size according to your ears, go for Ear Tip Fit Test.

Air pods have such tapered tips that fit in your ear shape and make them secure, and they also equalize pressure with the help of vents, and they are so comfortable that you feel nothing in your ears while wearing them.

More Features

Moreover, these earphones are the only in-ear headphones that provide you with Active Noise Cancellation technology by controlling all the outside noise and helping you in focusing on a particular sound.

Above mentioned models of Apple are top choices to purchase as they give money equal benefits with excellent performance level and tight grip (so no need to worry about fall or one size issue).

Are Earbuds Pad for Your Ears?

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earbuds Review - Good and BAD - YouTube

Unfortunately, wearing earbuds for a long period of time can damage your hearing ability, especially when you listen with a very high volume and the quality of earphones is also poor.

Both headphones and earbuds have this issue with various intensities. In headphones, the risk is lower than the earbuds as headphones are not inside the ear and are above the ears.

In the case of earbuds, they are very close to your ear canal and inside of your ears. So the volume of the sound increases naturally by around 9 decibels. Therefore, the chances of risk of hearing problems are also greater in this case.

Safety Points

Headphone Safety 101—This Is How to Save Your Hearing | Allure

But with certain steps, you can prevent the risk of damage (in the case of bother headphones and earbuds). Try to adopt the below-mentioned points to remain on the safer side.

  1. Try to purchase high-quality earbuds as poor quality earbuds can damage your ear more swiftly.
  2. Keep the column moderate or low (avoid listening to high volumes)
  3. Preference should be given to earbuds that have noise-canceling technology.
  4. Try not to use the earbuds continuously for hours. Instead, take gaps in between. A 5-minute break after an hour is a good step to protect your hearing ability.

All the above points make your listening experience hazardless, even in the case of earbuds. So, enjoy your listening experience with any device without fear.

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Frequent Asking Questions (Earbuds Headphones)

Q1. Can a person use earbuds for gaming purposes, or are headphones the only option?

Ans. If we compare the two devices, then, of course, headphones are better than earbuds. The headphone is easy to wear, and u don’t need to put them in ear canals. (like earbuds are inserted in the ear canal). So a truly wireless headphone is an ideal option. But you can also use earbuds in case of non-availability of headphones.

Q2. Is wearing earbuds for a long period of time hazardless?

Ans. Generally, listening to sounds in the wireless earbuds for a long time is uncomfortable as you directly insert them in your ear canal. You can have true wireless headphones for maximum volume or sound in the ears with greater portable features.

Other Questions

Q3. Do earbuds have poor sound quality? (earbuds or headphones)

Ans. The sound quality of earbuds is almost the same as headphones, and they are very lightweight with higher portability. So, you can say that headphones and earbuds both are the same in terms of sound quality.

Q4. Is earbud a perfect fit, or are headsets better for noise cancellation?

Ans. A good pair of headphones and earbuds can provide noise cancellation technology. However, headphones provide you with better results in this regard if you are confused about the design. Headphones are more beneficial, so people give them preference.

Additionally, Earbuds are unable to isolate sounds of high frequency as easily as compared to headphones.

For Further Guide

You can search for other information (like the best option for gaming among headphones vs. earbuds) on the internet ( to know about the latest technologies and the meaning of each feature before making any purchase decision.

It is expensive AS WELL AS CHEAP OPTION AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET depending upon an individual’s budget.

For pocket-friendly audio devices, you can search various brands for future decisions.

Your Comments (Earbuds Headphones)

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Which device controls the active noise or more ambient noise or outside noise?

What problem did you face while using any particular device?

Which device is good for high volume levels?

Which device is super comfortable in your view?

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