Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out

For audiophiles, it is a problem.

Is Bluetooth plays an important role? For me, it has made life a little bit easier.

Bluetooth technology has removed the worry of annoying chords.

Bluetooth tech is nowadays used in almost every audio device, smartphone, and many gadgets. By using the Bluetooth application, you can hear the music and watch music easily without any worry.

However, there are some of the wrong wireless points of this feature along with many advantages. Sometimes it causes trouble using audio cutting.

When listening to your favorite songs sometimes, Bluetooth headphones keep cutting or dropping the music, which isn’t very pleasant for the users.

When you rely on this innovation, you can also answer a phone call. Furthermore, you can enjoy the music in the car by lowering the window.

If you have gone through these problems or bugs like Bluetooth cutting in and out or your Bluetooth headsets stuttering, you must go through the article. It will help you resolve these issues.

Why do my Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out

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Let’s talk about the causes and fixes of the audio stutter.

For preventing this issue, you must change the underlying cause that affects the Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth performs its function by using radio waves.

A Bluetooth device like a headphone or headset attaches to your many other devices shared like a apple smartphone, laptop, PC, or transportable gaming comfort with Bluetooth feature by using wireless Bluetooth range technology application.

Many problems with most Bluetooth devices and equipment may include origin from different parts such as the Bluetooth device that includes headphones, headset, speakers, and many other things.

Moreover, sound sources such as laptops, pcs, computers, and smartphones are also affected. For example, while there are many different reasons, your Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out when you move them, or your Airpods keep cutting out as these also perform their function by using Bluetooth.

The most basic reasons that most users complain are explained.

Common reasons your bluetooth headphones keep cutting out.

  • Low battery
  • A longer-range of headphones is also a source of Bluetooth skipping.
  • Maybe your body is interfering with the Bluetooth signals.
  • When you use them for Longer sessions time, you have to restart or reset your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Different problems could be a reason to drop signals.

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Battery problems/failing battery

Battery problems
  • The most known reason your Bluetooth audio is cutting out or cutting in and out is battery power or battery capacity.
  • Bluetooth headphones have small batteries that are composed of lithium. However, just like other issues of battery, it will limit specific uses of time.
  • You can only use tiny lithium batteries for a few hours during constant use. Generally, you will listen to a bit different sounds while using the headphone that shows that your Bluetooth headset battery is beginning to fail. You will have to recharge the device as soon as possible.
  • As headphone batteries completely fail, that will also fail the battery of the audio source, but this issue won’t cut the sound in or out but will close the Bluetooth connection instead. This is the major reason you should first check your pairing device battery and your Bluetooth headphone battery before you start using them.

Inaccurate smartphone settings

  • Bluetooth may sometimes power on or turn off the Wi-Fi settings. It’s because of the bad or wrong Bluetooth scanning. While the other reason may be that the apps running are not allowed to alter your phone’s transmission settings.
  • The solutions to these issues are simple and easy. We will talk about them in more detail.

Duplication of contacts

  • Your links of contacts are attached to Bluetooth headsets which can sometimes source device the duplication to pop up.
  • Moreover, When you are answering calls, the device will try to figure out these many numbers, which is most probably the reason your calls might be disconnected.
  • Furthermore, go through your contact list properly to check whether there is any other similar number. You can easily get rid of this trouble by deleting the duplicated number in your smartphone contacts list. It will resolve your issue.

Unsupported Bluetooth device

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Device
  • Bluetooth connections have developed for many years, and nowadays of the future latest version is Bluetooth 5. This latest version assists small power transmission for the best data range for a maximum of 800 feet.
  • It is four times more the range of Bluetooth 4.2 than is the previous version. Bluetooth 5 is also working for almost ten years from one single-cell battery, and it can support unlimited devices in one network.
  • In addition, some Bluetooth device is already utilizing the fresh Bluetooth version that may or may not function with some previous Bluetooth headphones and equipment. Sometimes, pairing these devices is difficult, or the audio may cut in and out when placed on-ear.

Something from outside is interfering.

  • Another big reason is that some other device is interfering. Some Bluetooth headphones can connect to many devices rather than any one device.
  • So if there is someone else in your room which is also trying their best to access the same device, the Bluetooth will choose the one with the central connection. Obstacles in between the devices Metal surface bounces the Bluetooth signals and causes stutter.
  • In high-quality devices, an index measures the battery and the other connection to which it is paired up. Unfortunately, some will connect by themselves, only just turning in the Bluetooth pair to any Bluetooth headphones data that comes in its range.
  • To prevent this process from occurring, you should check out the device’s manufacturer pairing process in your device.
  • Moreover, when you are using the Bluetooth headsets on-ear, you may feel stutter coming from other devices to you and from their mobile devices. So it would help if you were compatible wearing on-ear. Its because these wireless devices are always looking for a specific system to perform their function.
  • When many devices struggle and try their best to utilize the same spectrum, it affects the disconnections. For this reason, choose high-quality Bluetooth headphones.
  • These are always the best option because they are limited wireless signal data of trouble. Moreover, manufacturers usually do advertise new products. You can even add a report.

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Fix Bluetooth headphones keep cutting in and out

Why do my Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out

Consider the following when fixing Bluetooth devices cutting out problems.

Make sure you have full-charged batteries.

  • Whenever you are using Bluetooth devices, always recharge them first. You can fix the Bluetooth headphones battery trouble by making sure that your battery is full. At the same time, for the better performance of the audio source device battery, use the same procedure. Some devices may close power to attached devices, or it is impossible to connect with newer devices. It moves to a power-saving mode if the battery charge is almost about to finish.
  • How will you know the battery health is low or high? When you connect it to your smartphone, you can check the battery power status from your smartphone’s topmost bar to see the notifications. Furthermore, The battery life can also be checked by battery status from the Bluetooth settings.
  • However, sometimes you don’t get these details from your phone, then you have to plug your Bluetooth devices into a charger attached with a switch, and you can check the charging lights that indicate that the Bluetooth device is starting to get charged. For example, most headsets show a red light when it is charging, and it gets blue when it is fully charged.

Check Android smartphone settings.

Android, Smartphone

Android phones have many different features, and one of them is that when a low battery occurs, the android phone can itself turn Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth of. However, when you connect your phone to a charger attached to the switch, these features won’t turn on unless you connect them manually.

In addition, always Connect Bluetooth to your Android phone by

  • Checking the topmost bar of the phone that includes the notifications.
  • You can simply Turn on Bluetooth after pressing the Bluetooth icon.
  • Furthermore, You can also power on Bluetooth by opening your mobile device setting, connectivity, and the last Bluetooth option. Easily, you can power on the Bluetooth application by just sliding the button.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth precision by turning off Bluetooth searching. This will help the Bluetooth function to stop automatically from turning on and off. Furthermore, open your mobile app setting Go to locations, enhance accuracy, and then the Bluetooth Scanning. Disable Bluetooth Scanning

Consider Bluetooth versions

If you use a previous model of Bluetooth headphones and want to connect your old Bluetooth headphones with some latest and updated device, you will face many problems like wireless headphones keep cutting out. Moreover, you can try connecting other devices while you use the device with a more upgraded Bluetooth version. However, if the latest earphones easily get attached, there are many issues with the old headphone that the Bluetooth headphones may no longer support.

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Examine device pairing issues

Unpair and pair your Bluetooth headsets with the Bluetooth device. At the same time, You have to unpair first by turning on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and your Bluetooth headphone with it. Moreover, From the record of attached devices, search for the identity of your Bluetooth headphone. Furthermore, disconnect your device. When you do this process, your smartphone will not remember your device, and your name will vanish from the record or list. Then after some time, power off your phone’s Bluetooth and refresh your phone.

Moreover, After you switch on your phone, power on your Bluetooth headphone and power on your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Furthermore, Your smartphone Bluetooth can easily locate your Bluetooth headsets. Finally, you need to pair the two devices.

Examine device pairing issues

Unpair and pair your Bluetooth headphone with the Bluetooth device. You have to Unpair first by turning on your smartphone Bluetooth and your Bluetooth headphone with it. Moreover, From the record of attached devices, search for the identity of your Bluetooth headphone. Furthermore, disconnect your device. When you do this process, your smartphone will not remember your device, and your name will vanish from the record or list. Then after some time, power off your phone’s Bluetooth and refresh your phone.

Moreover, After you switch on your phones, power on your Bluetooth headphone and power on your smartphone’s Bluetooth; furthermore, Your smartphone Bluetooth can easily locate your Bluetooth headphone. Finally, you need to pair the two devices.

Utilize other Bluetooth devices or audio device

Bluetooth headphones are also issued to wear and tear, most specifically the battery. So whenever you feel that the battery life is getting lower or the audio starts cutting more often, it is the exact time to replace these.

Most importantly, whenever you want to buy, always check these important factors. These factors include

  • Always choose Bluetooth headphones with an excellent quality brand chip. We will not prefer for users to buy anything low in this chip that makes Bluetooth devices more reliable, long-lasting, and gives their performance much better than those with other standard elements.
  • Choose Wireless headphones with enhanced battery health. It will help your headphones to work for longer periods linking battery charges.
  • bluetooth wireless headphones with a compatibility design.
  • Earohone are composed of strong and long-lasting materials.
  • Headsets are available with upgraded Bluetooth versions.
  • Purchase the Bluetooth connection from a well-known and quality brand.

Along with using another Bluetooth device, you must always notice if the headphone with some defects works with some other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Furthermore, do your best to connect the headphone to some other smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. However, If the headphones function properly, it means that your device is creating some issues. Furthermore, if the trouble is from your smartphone, refresh it and try to connect again to the Bluetooth to your headphone.

After doing all this, If you still face the same wrong issues, you must try to connect your headphone to another Bluetooth device and check again.

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How to Fix Bluetooth devices Audio Stutters

Bluetooth Headphones

There are several ways to label choppy Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth connection. Most of them include fast visible fixes, while all other devices need easy software adjustments. First, however, do the basic troubleshooting before using the Bluetooth technology.

Do basic troubleshooting and firmware update.

Search the sites for all types of troubleshooting techniques and firmware updates; from the site, always choose those troubleshoot methods that are basic and simple that fix Bluetooth headphones. Most general audio devices involve basic methods. Basic techniques involve resetting the Bluetooth device. You do the resetting of most wireless headphones by forgetting’ and then again pairing devices. Furthermore, after filling troubleshoot, You can also check that whether the source device is paired accurately. You can do this by the Bluetooth setting by following ways

  • Turn the Bluetooth off and on again
  • Forget’ and reconnect your Headsets
  • Reset your Earphones
  • Check the battery of both devices
  • Change locations to avoid interferences
  • Stay within your headphones’ signal range
  • Close all background apps or software
  • Consider an upgrade

Turn the Bluetooth off and on again.

Turn the Bluetooth off and on again

Sometimes, there is no trouble s such you need to reset your Bluetooth headset. It also resolves the Bluetooth headphones are cutting. Go to the Bluetooth settings, turn off the Bluetooth connectivity for fewer minutes, and turn it back on to experience Bluetooth audio stutter. You can check that is there any more Bluetooth headsets cutting.

Forget and reconnect your Bluetooth headphones.

Sometimes you can have the solutions to problems. However, you have to think wisely. For example, Bluetooth connections may sometimes require refreshing. It mostly happens when electronic devices are connected to a source device paired with many other devices. These are very easy and simple steps to open your operating system of Bluetooth. Moreover, in Bluetooth settings, select the option of forget under many other settings options. Once the whole process is completed again, repair your wireless headset and check whether the problem of audio stuttering is resolved or not.

Reset your Bluetooth headphones

In addition to resetting your Bluetooth connection, you can soft reset your wireless headphones connect also. Moreover, which is so simple and easy you have to hold the power button tightly. You cannot apply these instructions to every new headphone. Amazing advertising of some headphones on their sites is the easiest way to know about the new device. Furthermore, you can read the comment section on this site. You can even attend the call.

In addition, you should also check that the headphones keep showing red and blue lights unless the connection issues. The lights mean that the Bluetooth headphones are converting into pairing mode, even when you’re already connected with a device.

Check the battery of both devices.

In the previous paragraph, we explained how low battery extent could affect the audio quality and cause stuttering audio skips. To solve this, always notice that both your headphones and the device they’re connected to are at least 30% charged for a seamless Bluetooth connection. Therefore, if the battery is low, immediately connect it to the charger.

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Change locations to solve signal interference.

In previous, as we have mentioned that audio interruption can occur in many different areas and locations, mostly where most peoples use more Wi-Fi usage by Wi-Fi router. The basic reason is due to cross-body interference. Bluetooth antenna is located in the inline remote. So, for example, you can try moving your audio device to your right pocket instead of your left.

Since Wi-Fi routers all work on a similar frequency as Bluetooth, you surely have to expect some interruption due to the electromagnetic field. You can resolve this issue simply by resetting the phone’s Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, you can also change your location for better Bluetooth signals or by simply going away from the Wi-Fi access point to a less crowded place.

To check if cross-body interference is the reason for the audio Bluetooth signal interference, look for another device. Having proper checking between devices will likely fix the Bluetooth headphones cutting signals.

Stay within your headphones’ signal range.

To fix the issue of Bluetooth earphones cutting the signals, do not use your headphones from too much distance. In an article, we have explained how most mobile parts are Class 2 or 3 Bluetooth are connected, which means they perform their work better over short distances. Moreover, manufacturers involve the Bluetooth product specifications on the box packaging or user manual. So whenever you are searching for Bluetooth headphones or for buying new pair, be sure to double-check the specs along with specs. Then, follow the instructions and at a specific distance to have no problem with Bluetooth signals. You can even attend the call.

Close all background apps or software

When you open too many apps open semiultenously can cause software issues in your system. Moreover, it can also interfere with your device’s Bluetooth connection, which results in slow audio settings issues. Sometimes It happens more if those apps are trying their best to access the Bluetooth performance.

Some headphones will permit you to limit the use of many apps that enable you to open simultaneously to help handle this. in most cases. You don’t have that choice, so the best way is to shut down some apps you are not using at that time. Next, check whether you get rid of the audio issues and Bluetooth headphones cutting music.

Consider an upgrade

Furthermore, after using all these tips, there is room for experiencing problems; then, one more solution can resolve your problem. Go for upgrading your headphones that are the most simple and painless solution. You will need the internet and download the latest versions. This solution also does not require any cost. However, this is the last option after using all the above tips for other problems.

In addition to all this, we have different purchased headphones guide that matter a lot when buying the headphones. So you will notice different points from the guide. Furthermore, Feel free to browse through our links of sites. Moreover, you can see the advertising of headphones, and you can also go through the comment section.

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How to Keep Bluetooth Headphones From Cutting Out in Windows & Mac

How to Keep Bluetooth Headphones From Cutting Out in Windows & Mac

If you face the problem when your Bluetooth headphones are only connected to your PC, there can be settings problems. However, the first thing you should keep in mind is that your listening headphones are properly connected with your Windows or Mac. Most people watch videos and media to do so. The process is simple to search some video on your screen, and tap press enter or right-click on the right side it will start playing. Furthermore, you can download it and can become a participant by doing comments.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, there are three other things you can do to solve this issue:

  • Reset your Bluetooth Settings
  • Disable Audio Enhancements
  • Update Audio Bluetooth Drivers

Reset your Bluetooth Settings

  • We mostly wonder why most people drop their instruments just because the test device has only one problem.
  • It mostly happens to replace your previous electronics like tablets with the new; we can rack up quite a list of paired devices on our phones and computers.
  • Those headphones that support and enable the previous pairing can interfere with your connection with newer devices or a new set, resulting in disconnecting audio issue.
  • So it is not a good idea to reset your Bluetooth settings now and in the future.
  • For Windows, you need to go to Control Panel and playback, then press the Hardware and Sound. After that, you can support it manually.

Disable Audio Enhancements

  • Preventing Audio stuttering leads to improve sound quality and signals range.
  • Furthermore, disconnecting and stuttering can also be the reason for many audio issues.
  • Offing this feature may help get rid of these audio issues.
  • Moreover, you can do these settings on Windows, iPhone, and Mac.

Update Audio Driver

  • Outdated drivers can cause frequency issues between your headphones and the source device.
  • These are basic causes for audio stuttering.
  • Upgrading your drivers will fix this problem.

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In this article, we have mentioned the basic causes related to Bluetooth headphones cutting the music. Bluetooth technology has played an important role in streaming music by the control panel and even playing back. We also explained different tricks related to fixing or correcting the distortion. But, first thing like all other forms of innovative technology, it doesn’t come without its shortcomings.

Bluetooth vs Wired Headphones Radiation - Bluetooth Headsets

Still, a few connection and audio linking problems can affect your listening experiences. Simply you should know how to do the settings and how to remove the cache and troubleshoot major issues. First, search for the basic cause of partial disconnection, and then you can overcome the cause. Should allow you to overcome these problems easily. You can still playback music. Moreover, you can watch advertising on TVs, and you can also do ad reports.


How do I stop my Bluetooth headphones from cutting out?

Several reasons cause many problems of cutting music . we have told you all the points that can figure the problem. These all points are budget-friendly and can be used for all devices, such as Ios, laptops, and speakers. Furthermore, you can stop Bluetooth earbuds from cutting out by this point

  • charge the two earbuds altogether with the source device
  • remove the distance from the source device
  • Check the Bluetooth version are compatible
  • Unpair your source device and headphones from other electronics

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