Best studio headphones under 100 [Reviews + Buying Guide]

If you are a music professional or Dj who works with the mixing of sounds. Then here we have the best studio headphones for you for under 100$. This might sound impossible, but the products we are about to list are the budget options.  

But being the budget options doesn’t mean they lack quality. They are the best studio headphones to be used by professionals under 100$ only. Moreover, this article will be a full-fledged guide, so read it till the end.  

Additionally, we will also look into the product details and what features are recommended for buying a studio headphone. Let’s move toward the list of best studio headphones under 100$. 

Best studio headphones under 100

10 Best studio headphones under 100 Dollars

Before we jump to review section for each headphone, take quick look at the list 10 best studio headphones under $100.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40xAudio-Technica ATH-M40x
  • Cutting edge engineering and robust construction
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
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Sennheiser HD 280 ProSennheiser HD 280 Pro
  • Dynamic, Closed-Back Design, Circumaural / Sound Isolating: -32 dB
  • Leatherette Cushions, Padded, Adjustable Headband, Swiveling Earcups
  • Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 25 kHz
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Yamaha HPH-MT5 Monitor HeadphonesYamaha HPH-MT5 Monitor Headphones
  • Delivering balanced sound with excellent resolution that stays faithful to the source, these headphones allow Reliable, high-quality monitoring
  • 40 mm custom drivers with ccaw voice coils deliver a broad frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Convenient carrying Bag included
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PreSonus HD9 Professional Monitoring HeadphonesPreSonus HD9 Professional Monitoring Headphones
  • Closed back, circumaural acoustic design
  • Two-way, 180° cup rotation
  • Tailored frequency response (10 Hz - 26 kHz)
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AKG K240 STUDIO Semi-OpenAKG K240 STUDIO Semi-Open
  • Perfect for studio professionals - Listening, mixing and mastering applications
  • Over-Ear Design - Padded and envelope the ear / Comfortable Fit for long sessions
  • Self-Adjusting headband to aid fit Single-Sided cable for easy use
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Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality HeadphonesKoss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Frequency Response - 10-20,000 Hz and Impedance - 16 ohms
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beyerdynamic DT 240 PRObeyerdynamic DT 240 PRO
  • Professional studio Headphones for monitoring and recording with compact over-ear design
  • Powerful transducers to suit any studio and mobile application
  • True professional sound tuning for pure and precise reproduction
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Shure SRH440 Professional Studio HeadphonesShure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones
  • Optimized for home and studio recording
  • Closed-back, circumaural collapsible design
  • Detachable, coiled cable
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CAD Audio Sessions MH510CAD Audio Sessions MH510
  • Extended lows, smooth mids and life-like highs
  • 50mm professional High Gauss Drivers
  • Two ear pads - leatherette and velvet - for hours of comfortable listening
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Tascam TH-03 Studio HeadphonesTascam TH-03 Studio Headphones
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND: With their crisp highs & rich bass response, these professional grade studio headphones deliver a premium audio experience with quality and comfort.
  • NOISE ISOLATION: Closed-back earpiece design eliminates outside noise interference. Tascam TH-03 is the perfect choice for audio engineers and music connoisseurs alike.
  • COMFORT & STYLE: These sophisticated black headphones exemplify quality & durability. Earpieces & headband are padded to make them comfortable and easy to wear.
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1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x


These best studio earphones are available for under $100. At just around $100, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x is a closed-back earphone of natural frequency response. So that it includes a large number of similar advantages to its elder sibling form, the ATH-M50x.  

A cushioned headband for solace and full-sized cups, the ATH-M40x shows a remarkable capacity to drop commotion frequency range response to ear fatigue. At the same time, the 40 mm drivers give an even sound profile for ideal execution frequency response. However, they are not the best when in noisy areas or outside in hot weather.   

Rotating Earcups 

Meanwhile, they sound professional and are one of the perfect picks for studio use. The comfort of 90-degree rotating ear cups is an extraordinary element for DJs. So, in any individual who will, in general, like headphones with one ear design. Other helpful provisions incorporate a foldable plan.  

The recurrence reaction of the ATH-M40x goes from 15 to 24,000 Hz. Meanwhile, it has an extraordinarily level and is very comfortable. So particularly when thinking about the deal value, it’s worth the price you are paying. Meanwhile, you will get well-padded ear cups along with the self-adjusting headband.  

The ATH-M40x is a closed-back and intently takes after the ATH-M50x. It is generally constructed out of plastic, which looks less expensive than the M50x, however, feels durable. The earcups turn excessively, which can be an issue for specific individuals. However, this is a welcome element for individuals searching for better portability.  

Suitable For All Head Sizes 

The headband is supported by a metal band that permits all head sizes. Moreover, you can use It for an extended period since it’s comfortable. The earcups and headband are covered with artificial leather. The ear cup is removable, which is a great idea as you can get a new one in case of damage.   

The solace of the ATH-M40x is moderate. The earpads are delicate, firm, and cushioned. However, they are shallow, and their ears get somewhat warm in the light of the closed-back plan. The stack of the ATH-M40x is additionally not that wide to oblige the whole ear.  

This causes distress following a few hours. We’ve seen proposals by different clients to change the stock cushions. But this will have a serious impact on its sound quality. Thus, this won’t be a good solution. Further, the clamping force isn’t excessive and works effectively to keep the earphones stable.  

Over All 

The Audio Technica ATH-M40x focuses on an unbiased sound mark with a marginally V-shape sound, which is why they are helpful for a recording studio. The bass is tight and all-around controlled. It is somewhat stressed yet mixes with the mids, drawing in and exceptionally no-exhausting. The high pitch is partially supported however sounds smooth and fresh, which is brilliant.

  • Sufficiently agreeable plan when utilizing for a drawn-out timeframe.
  • Gives an unbiased sound noteworthy equilibrium.
  • Significant sound volume making speakers or outside sound interface superfluous.
  • The power of the headband clasp frequently makes them push down on the ears.
  • Propensity to turn into a bit hot in case use is stretched out for a long time.

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2. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro


A famous top headphone pair under $100 with a closed-back design. The HD 280 Pro is known for its dependability and versatility. Sennheiser did not neglect comfort, as evidenced by the HD 280 Pro’s generous cushioning in key areas. Except for minor heat buildup, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort even after wearing glasses for a while.   

In any case, the clamping force is ideal for somewhat a small head size. Although they are not active noise-canceling headphones, the closed-back ear cups create a respectable seal that provides enough isolation. So, you can better focus on your work in your studio.  

The HD 280 Pro lacks some luxuries because it is a reasonably priced device. Although the left ear cup’s wire cannot be removed, the coiled cable greatly reduces the strain on the solder points. Except in extreme cases, you shouldn’t need to replace it.  

Clear Sound 

So the studio headphones HD 280 Pro offers maximum strength, making them ideal for in-hurry artists and DJs who like to screen with over-ear headphones. They likewise give the capacity to blur high surrounding clamor that permits you to appreciate clear, precise, and straight soundtracks with studio headphones’ typical, warm sound.  

As a result of their high recurrence reaction scope of 8 to 25,000 Hz and perfect exactness swivel ear cups, the HD 280 Pro is one of the most extraordinary observing studio earphones. Therefore, we recommend that expert music makers, DJs, and easygoing home audience members use the same comfortable ear pads. Moreover, they have a stable sound profile and replaceable ear cushion padding.

  • Made with a solid plan.
  • A stable sound profile.
  • Replaceable ear cushion padding.
  • The shut plan makes it pursue somewhat hot broadened use.
  • The giant headband decreases movability.

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3. Yamaha HPH-MT5


These headphones only cost $100, so they might be a good option for those searching for a set that won’t break the bank. Let’s find out if they are cost-effective. We wouldn’t recommend the HPH-MT5s for critical listening, despite their good bass end response and generally neutral frequency response.  

They might be an excellent choice for engineers seeking an affordable set of robust headphones, given their price range. The Yamaha HPH-MT5s’ frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz is about average for their affordable pricing.  

The sound signature is essentially neutral, with a deep bass end, a middle that leans forward, and a high end that is smooth. They have a 51-ohm impedance; therefore, driving them is not difficult.  

Sound Isolation 

The solid HPH-MT5 conveys an even strong sound profile with a supreme goal that is predictable. The Noise isolation it offers is amazing. Further, the recurrence reaction scope of 20 Hz to 20 kHz of studio headphones. They are planned as closed-back headphones. They seclude sound and square out foundation clamor fairly well noise isolation.  

There is a W-shaped reaction in the mid-range. In that, the pure mids are pushed forward, but the lower and upper mids are scooped. Although the recessed lower mids make vocals and guitars seem icy and thin, this can make vocalists stand out.  

Although EQ can be used to address this, the results might actually make the headphones sound more unnatural. Fortunately, prolonged exposure to the sound will help to adjust your hearing. For headphones at this price, it is not unusual for the construction to be virtually entirely constructed of plastic.  

Light Weight Headphones 

When worn for prolonged sessions, they are nearly undetectable because they are lightweight. Despite not being constructed of genuine leather, the headband is quite soft and cozy.  

Although not the best headphones on the market, there isn’t much to complain about. However, the ear cups on the Yamahas are painfully shallow, despite their incredible lightness and comfy headband. Your ears will warm up after prolonged use of the pads because they are somewhat constricting.  

Most of these problems should be resolved if you can locate replacement pads. But the ear cups’ shallowness is really disappointing. Extraordinarily lightweight for most extreme solace and compactness.  

Simple to drive with no amp required. Lower quality form in contrast with Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Meanwhile, they are not the most exact with high frequencies

  • Extraordinarily lightweight for most extreme solace and compactness.
  • Extraordinary commotion disconnection.
  • Predictable and even solid profile.
  • Simple to drive with no amp required.
  • Lower quality form in contrast with Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.
  • Not the most exact with high frequencies.

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4. PreSonus HD9


The PreSonus HD9s are an excellent pair of headphones for preventing any leaking of sound if you’re a recording artist on a tight budget.  

We advise you to look elsewhere if you want to utilize these for mixing only. We advise you to look for sales on them. The frequency response of the PreSonus HD9 ranges from 10 Hz to 26 kHz at the 3db points. Overall, these feature a warm, slightly V-shaped sound character.  

The ear cups have a respectable amount of buildup because of their closed-back design. This makes the low end extremely inflated and far from accurate. The same issues affect the high end, which makes the treble sound rather harsh, especially over 5 kHz.  

Well Padded Headphone 

With the two-way 180-degree cup revolution included, these earphones are extraordinary for studio and at-home DJs inclined toward single ear tuning in noise isolation. Likewise, the well-padded headband is very much cushioned to decrease broadened listening weariness and has a breakdown highlight, giving you movability and noise isolation.  

The recurrence reaction goes from 10 Hz to 26 kHz, making these probably the best studio earphones for observing and exact blending of the sound. In addition, you will get a ten-foot, straight and single-sided wire.  

Replaceable ear cushions are serenely giant. Meanwhile, the giant measured headband decreases compactness. These headphones from PreSonus resemble the ATH-M50xs in terms of design, which suggests that PreSonus may have borrowed some ideas from Audio-Technica.  

Adjustable Headband 

The cups are quite large, and the ear cushions are memory foam. The ear cups swivel 180 degrees, much like a pair of Audio-Technica headphones, allowing you to turn one of the drivers so that you can listen with one ear.   

The adjustable headband makes it simple to fit, and the memory foam ear cups are comfortable and don’t heat up all that much. These offer a good deal of noise cancellation. These are excellent for tracking in the studio.  

However, using them during your commute may provide different outcomes because of how little noise they block at low frequencies. Although the wire is nondetachable, these are completely stable enough for studio work, even if they will fly off if it ever gets trapped on some equipment.

  • Even solid and steady execution rate.
  • Replaceable ear cushions are serenely giant.
  • A giant measured headband decreases compactness.
  • Does exclude a separable link.

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5. AKG K240 Studio


The AKG K240 Studio is of accurate sound with decent quality at minimal expense. Thus, you are paying them for one of the best studio headphones for open-back headphones. They end up being the top-rated earphones from AKG. These are available for under $100 open-back headphones.  

The exhibition of the AKG K240 is solid for fundamental blending, creating, and checking. Additionally, it has an adjustable headband and is adequate for individuals who are new to open-back headphones adjustable headband.   

The open-back headphones help to dominate tracks since they don’t portray the same sound quality in the final blend. Valid for use during the blistering climate for sound quality. Meanwhile, they are best for individuals with enormous heads as the cups are enormous because of the open-back headphones.  

More Features Than the Price 

It sounds like a headset that should cost much more at a price around $100. These speakers offer a superb midrange and a smooth, clear treble that never veers out of tune. Moreover, you can listen to them for hours without becoming tired. 

They are a little flimsy, the ear cups are a little shallow, and the bass is rather lean. It’s certain that many listeners coming from headphones with a heavier bass will be surprised by this. 

It still earns a slot, though, quite quickly because using these to listen to music truly does feel like the first time. You get the impression that the musicians are performing the song live for you rather than just listening to it on a device.

The absence of closeness somewhat sabotages the precision of what you hear in your sound quality.

  • The open plan helps dominate tracks since they don’t portray the same sound quality in the final blend.
  • Valid for use during the blistering climate for sound quality.
  • Best for individuals with enormous heads as the cups are enormous because of the open-back plan.
  • The absence of closeness somewhat sabotages the precision of what you hear your sound quality.
  • leak sound

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6. Koss Pro4AA


Despite the fact that the connection cannot be detached, these are fully stable enough for studio work. You’ll discover why the Koss Pro4AA has been around for so long after listening. The first time around, Koss got the correct sound.  

 Stylish headphones are nowhere near as toughly constructed as the Pro4AA while having more features, being lighter, and more comfortable. This headset can withstand numerous accidents that would destroy many 2013 designs.  

Therefore, they also have a lifetime warranty, so Koss will keep fixing or replacing them indefinitely. Only the original owner is covered by the guarantee, and shipping costs to and from Koss are on you.  

Closed Back headphones 

The headphones weigh a substantial 19 ounces, which is more than twice as much as the typical full-size headphone currently on the market. The Pro4AA hasn’t changed much over the years, but Koss now utilizes more traditional ear pads in place of the earlier models.  

The liquid-filled ear cushions since they were more likely to leak. Its closed-back construction effectively mutes outside sounds. The Koss Pro4AA are classified as primarily home-oriented headphones due to their high impedance (250 ohm), 10-foot nondetachable coiled wire, and 6.3mm plug.   

Nevertheless, the sound quality is excellent. However, the Pro4AA couldn’t be played on the Classic very loudly, but still, it’s loud enough for most people.

  • Replaceable ear cups and headbands for guaranteed long-haul sturdiness and produce music
  • It has a kind of particular lo-fi, retro twinge that sounds very decent.
  • Previously mentioned retro twinge probably won’t speak to every expected client.
  • Will, in general, add its shading to the tracks leaving the sound mistaken carrying bag.

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7. Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro


These fantastic studio earphones give the most amazing sound quality. It will be characterized by high pitch, clear midrange, and clean bass of solid noise isolation. This way guarantees reliable propagation at the studio level of an expert of casual music listening of substantial noise isolation.  

The DT 240 is minimized and over the ear, including a headband accordingly, making it appropriate. It is an alternative for occupied makers and artists who constantly hurry while giving precise studio-quality execution. So in any climate, the music production will remove external noises.  

The Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro is a closed-back earphone with a compact on-ear configuration intended for use in the studio or out in the field for checking and recording purposes.  

Worth Its Price 

The Beyerdynamic DT series incorporates the absolute most mainstream earphones for studio use. The DT 240 Pro comes out as a reasonable and convenient earphone from the DT series.   

Additionally, it is worth the price that you are paying. Moreover, it is a budget option for all of us. For one thing, we should begin with the form quality and plan. The Dt 240 Pro is all around assembled, particularly at this value point. The earcups are produced using metal.   

The headband and change arms additionally include metal and have all the earmarks of being durable. Bonded leather and plastic are likewise included in the general form. The earcups have a 2.5 mm jack, which fits the 3.5mm to 2.5mm wire. In general, the DT 240 Pro is all around worked with a sensible plan.  

Light weight 

For solace, the DT 240 Pro is the first exceptionally lightweight. This works and offers enormous relief. The DT 240 Pro is an in-ear headphone. The size of the earcups is negligible, so they sit on the ears very well. The headband is cushioned and effectively circulates the blood while wearing these light earphones.  

The headband changes are acceptable and customizable, while the clip is better than expected. The headband and earcups are covered with bonded leather, and the earcups will, in general reason your ears to get hot. However, changing the situation of the earcups will help you wear them longer.  

Disengagement of the Beyerdynamic Dt 240 Pro is excellent, particularly for compact use. It isn’t acceptable like over-ear closed-back earphones, yet they do well in shutting out the commotion and forestalling sound spillage. In any case, It doesn’t need an intensifier or sound interface to support volume.

  • Has a warm and charming sound with full bass.
  • It doesn’t need an intensifier or sound interface to support volume.
  • Releases sound a bit more than different earphones, however considerably less than those that are open.

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8. Shure SRH440


Meanwhile, they are in no way intended to be headphones for fashion. Instead, the 440s are made for their specific function as a studio or home monitor. Although they don’t have a particularly showy appearance and are more appealing in terms of appearance, you can’t help but notice that they seem elegant.  

However, the build quality is fantastic, as is once more typical for Shure. Although primarily made of plastic, the headphones are of very excellent quality. Overall, you get the idea that the headphones are highly durable and can withstand years of everyday usage, exactly like studio monitors should.   

Replaceable Earpads 

The earpads are made of pleather, which after time, can feel a little warm. However, they are readily replaceable with the Shure SRH-840 pads, which have thicker cushioning and better quality at a fair price. Additionally made of pleather, the headband might use a little extra padding but is otherwise unproblematic.  

 It is wonderful that Shure has included a detachable system (and a very excellent one at that, clicking into place and locking). So upgrading and replacing worn-out parts is easy with these headphones. A cable is typically the first item to wear out on audio equipment.   

The closed-back design, circumoral fit, and thickness of the housing all contribute to effective isolation and the reduction of the majority of outside noise. These headphones are excellent for usage in the workplace or when commuting.   

Balanced Audio 

The SRH-440’s audio is fairly balanced and neutral. It nearly seems frigid. However, it is important to keep in mind that the SRH-440 is primarily intended to be used as a monitor headset. This means that all sound spectrums should be equally balanced in music production.   

One of the main benefits of the SRH-440 is the great separation offered by the Shure headphones. Positioning and clarity are great, as they should be on a monitor. Due to the closed-back design, the soundstage is in the middle of the pack.   

[/i2pros]Collapsing cups can get a bit irritating for the detachable cables.[/i2pc]

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9. CAD Audio MH510


A set of headphones from CAD Audio has specifications that are better than the priciest professional studio headphones you’d find in a top-tier recording studio. 

 The Sessions MH510 headphones have features and accessories seen in studio phones starting at $300 and are the culmination of ten years of experience and professional audio skills working together.  

In addition to the provided leatherette set, you also receive an additional pair of velveteen ear cushions. Moreover, we further like that both the straight and curly wires have locking connectors so you can switch out or replace the cords.  

A leatherette carry pouch, a screw-on 1/4-inch stereo gold-plated adapter, and a choice of black, white/red, black/chrome, or black/orange hues are included with each pair.   

Loud Playback 

In the realm of recording studios, the headphone drawback is its capacity to take up to 3 watts of power. Even when the headphones are left on the floor unused, hours of excessive and consistent volume levels will cause the voice coils in the drivers of studio phones to burn out.     

The MH510 headphones are designed for loud playback and have a deep overall sound with lots of bass down to the subsonic range, according to our listening experience. They provide higher loudness with the same amount of headphone amp power as other studio phones because they are more efficient.   

The MH510s were actually somewhat comfy despite their size. Meanwhile, sometimes ears are slightly compressed by the earcups. Also, the ears are barely hurt after prolonged listening sessions.  

Foldable Headphones 

One 3.5-foot coiled cable, a ten-foot straight cable, and a 3.5mm female to 1/4″ threaded adaptor are among the extras. With a simple twist, each cable secures into the left earcup. The cable is prevented from being yanked out by a tab.  

Although fairly large, the headphones may be folded. There are two types of earpads included with the MH510s: leatherette and velvet. The tapered edge of the earpad must fit into a tiny slit between the driver’s faceplate and the surrounding earcup in order to be changed.   

It is a challenging process. While the velvet earpads were thicker and put more space between my ear and the driver, the leatherette earpads placed the driver closer and flattered against my ears. Although the bass was looser, the velvet earpads were comfier.

  • Accompanies two links and two substitution ear cushions for long-haul use without supplanting these things yourself extended frequency range.
  • Extraordinary sound levels and quality highs, lows, and mids give it an in-person kind of feel of other headphones.
  • It tends to be unquestionably diverting and overwhelm the surface of vocals of other headphones.

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10. Tascam TH-03


The TH-03 from Tascam is a cute pair of affordable studio headphones made for artists and sound engineers. Meanwhile, they are ideally suited for professionals who operate in a studio, and their portability makes them easy to take for musicians who travel regularly.  

Further, the crisp, high-quality audio produced by the Tascam headphones allows you to hear the music exactly as the intended audience is supposed to. The TH-03’s ability to separate background noise and produce a rich, immersive atmosphere with your music is one of its biggest strengths.  

 Also, the closed-back construction of the headphones provides the best possible noise isolation by preventing sound from entering the microphone when recording. 

Comfortable Pair 

Soft padding is incorporated into the ear cups and headband’s design, making them comfortable to wear even for extended periods. The ear cups can be turned away to allow for one-ear monitoring.  

 The Tascam headphones are travel-friendly and simple to carry wherever you go because they are foldable, portable, and small. The headphones can be used both indoors and outside with the included 1/8 to 1/4 converter.  

 The Tascam TH 03 is a fantastic option for people who are just beginning their career in music production. For the majority of tracks, the noise isolation is adequate, and the little audio imbalance won’t significantly impair the final product. The sound quality of the Tascam TH-03 headphones is respectable, featuring clear highs and robust bass response.  

Clear Audio With Quality 

 On the other hand, provides a little superior audio experience with increased sensitivity and frequency response. Additionally, It generates clearer, more evenly distributed audio that is suitable for a wide range of applications and genres.  

 The Tascam TH-03 occasionally produces imbalanced sound, in contrast to the Tascam TH-02’s crisp highs, mid-range, and rich bass end. There isn’t much to disagree about because Tascam TH-03 is the undisputed champion in this category. It has a closed-back design and an earpiece that cancels out all outside noise.   

Therefore, Tascam TH-03 is a wise choice if you want to lose yourself in your music without being interrupted entirely. Although not the most svelte and stylish headphones available, the Tascam TH-03 black studio headphones are very useful.

  • Strong ear pads
  • Earpads are moveable and flexible
  • only one ear monitoring is available

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Buying Guide

No matter what headphones you are going to pick, just make sure to consider the following factors before your final decision.

Recommended Features for Studio Headphones

Below are the features and functionalities you wanna look at before buying any studion headphones.


The level of sound isolation you get from your studio headphones is one of the most crucial things to take into account. If you want to concentrate on all the details of sound that regular headphones can’t provide you. This will be a crucial factor to consider. This becomes especially crucial when mixing.  

Find a pair of studio headphones with a closed-ear design. This should make it easier for you to concentrate on the sound coming from your headphones by reducing any background noise from your surroundings. The quality of the sound will generally improve with improved sound isolation.  

Comfort Level  

It will be important to select comfortable headphones. When you’re mixing, mastering, or listening to playback, there’s a good chance you’ll be wearing them for extended periods of time. Therefore, you won’t want a pair of headphones that get unpleasant after wearing them for a while.  

Choose a pair of studio headphones with soft padding if you want to avoid discomfort. Your ears should feel soft and at ease inside the ear cups. Additionally, you ought to select a pair of headphones with a padded headband.  


How lengthy the studio headphone cord needs to be is a different consideration. You won’t be able to move around freely between all of your equipment without taking them off if the cord is too short.  

However, if you need to use your studio headphones for other listening activities and the cord is too lengthy, it can get in the way.   

The best course of action will be to think about the purpose of your new studio headphones and how much wire you will require to operate them effectively. This ought to help you determine which studio headphones are ideal for your requirements.  

Whether you want a cord that you can disconnect or not is another thing to think about.  


It will be crucial to pick a set of studio headphones that are resilient. Just because you choose a product at the higher end of your price range doesn’t guarantee that it will meet your expectations for quality.   

Make sure the headphones are made of sturdy material and are long-lasting in design. Which materials were employed? If components deteriorate over time, can they be replaced?  

Your headphones will last longer if you buy a more durable set.  


Your new studio headphones portability is a crucial additional consideration. You might have to take them outside of the studio if you want to use them for a range of things. Therefore, you will require a pair of headphones that are simple to carry along.  

Take a look at the headphones’ actual design first. Do they have a fixed design or a collapsible one? Since they can be more quickly stowed away in your bag, a foldable design will make transportation simpler. A good carry case for the headphones should also be noted. When the headphones are not in use, this will aid in protecting them.  


So, here we will conclude our article about the best studio headphones under 100$. We have reviewed all the top products for our users. Moreover, we have discussed in details about their features.  

We hope that you like our article. Do tell us about your favorite product in the comment section. 

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