10 Best Headphones For Small Heads Buying Guide 2022

Suppose you are looking for headphones for small heads that the kids use. As the kids have a small charge, there are the best headphones for small heads available in the market. However, one of the fundamental truths is not everyone has large heads.

People mostly have different head sizes and different head shapes. These different sizes require adjustable musical instruments.

In this article, we focus on the best headphone for small heads. Therefore always decide the earbuds according to your head size.

Whenever you buy headphones for folks with smaller heads, you simply don’t fit well. This is because these small heads are loose with the tiny head motions most of the time.

Factors to Consider For Headphones For Small Heads 

Suppose your head is not large or not even average it’s not a big problem unless you choose the headphones for a small head. The most important question that the customers ask is which type of small headphone they should buy for their tiny heads.

Below are some of the features that you should keep in mind. The primary factors include are

This is one of the major concerns that you should keep in mind, so you should check out the marketing for clues. The headphone most for the smaller head of children and women are marketed more in the online world.

As these headphones are for smaller heads, they should have the feature of an adjustable headband put together with simple padding.

In some cases, the headphones tighten the heads, the headphone may press more securely on your ear tips.

There is a problem with the headphones being tight, and you cannot adjust them, so the solution to this problem is the option of soft material ear cushions that do not squeeze your ears.

You will always need headphones with a reliable wired connection. In the case of the best wireless headphones for a small head, you can use Bluetooth technology in Bluetooth headphones.

In Bluetooth headphones, make sure that pairing is accurate.

The Bluetooth is a plus point having the wired option that can indeed work when the battery life starts ending.

If the smaller headphone is only for the children, you may also want a wired connection as it’s a more straightforward design.

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Audio Quality of Sound

You don’t get the audio quality you are looking for in some of the headphones for audiophiles most like that.

In most cases, when the volume is loud, you don’t get the clear sound and is muffled. It’s your choice which type of bass you want.

Always choose the excellent option with significant drivers, so check that they’re at least 40mm in size.

If you love listening to the audio music track, you don’t need any complex audio system since the format reduces the sound quality.

Noise Cancellation

In some of the products, these professional headphones are fine enough to block the background noise successfully so that you don’t need active noise cancellation.

The headphone with noise-cancelling features is available at a high price that is not within budget. Besides this, they can also cause damage when you use them on roads.

These have such a solid and effective noise cancellation that you cannot hear even the screaming, explosions, or the honking of cars that may target you. But your focus would be on the songs.

You can hear most of the sound without any disturbance by this feature of noise-cancelling headphones.


This is also the most important point while selecting the smaller headphones for kids as they are more attracted to the bright, flashy colour schemes and different colour options. The colour includes red, silver, golden and many others.

The adults with children also want their headphones to be presentable and used as. Fashion accessories.


It would be best to always use the headphone with an adjustable headband control panel without taking off the headphone.

It’s your responsibility to adjust the song’s volume when you have to answer calls on your mobile. These also have a built-in mic.

Battery Life

The users prefer headphones that work for longer periods. This is because most of the headphones get charged quickly within no time. However, if you’re into playing music for just an hour or so each day, this isn’t a big problem.

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There is a good list of headphones for the small heads in line. The list mentioning a few types of these headphones is below

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
  • Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3
  • Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones for small heads
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 35 (Series I)
  • COWIN E7 Pro upgraded
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II
  • COWIN E7

Bose 700 – Best Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones for small heads


These headphones are available with the strongest full noise-canceling technology. But, most importantly, it has uniqueness in this feature; there are 11 possible levels of noise cancellation.

You will have headphones for listening to the voice comfortably as well.

Key Specifications

  • Type: Over-ear
  • Battery life: Up to 20 hrs
  • Weight: 8.96 ounces
  • Cable length: 42 inches (audio cable) 20 inches (USB-C)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth range: Up to 33 ft (10m)
  • ANC: Yes

It comes with many unique qualities with crisp and clear sound clarity. In addition to this, it will provide you with deep bass, and it also provides the option of easy volume controls. 

All of the above, you will get these headphones with hands-free controls because of Alexa voice control.

Moreover, you will be provided with weather and the most convenient intuitive controls.

With these headphones, you can connect your phone with a cable easily with headphones.

Furthermore, you can connect them with ios devices and other devices like PC or with both android.


These headphones are easy to control, and they can easily attach to the phones for attending the talking function. To play the music, you have to press the button once, and the music will start playing.


These headbands are composed of stainless steel material. With this build quality, these headbands have padded ear cups with a lightweight design.

In addition, you can quickly wear them for more extended periods and are comfortable without worrying or being disturbed by the surrounding external noises.


These Bose noise-canceling headphones 700 for small heads come with 20 hours capacity on a single charge. As well, you will have the quickest charging of fewer than 60 minutes with the headset pair.

As these headbands are foldable in shape, on the other hand, you can easily carry them whenever you travel to long-distance places.

You can also use the voice assistant for the weather, navigation, music and many more.

You can even speak to Alexa in any given environment.

The carrying case has 8.6 by7by 2.4 dimensions. The Bose 700 has an improved assistant from google.

You can use these headphones for more extended periods due to the design, lightweight headbands and the angled ear cups that fit well.

Bose 700 SimpleSync technology enables you to pair your Headphone 700 with Bose soundbar-700 or 500 for that personal listening experience.

You can also check the advertising website, and you can be a participant in different games as they also have gaming abilities. Check their advertising website for more posts.

  • Beautiful design model with soft-touch plastic.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adjusting its speakers is very simple and comfortable.
  • The earcups can be moved up and down to where you want.
  • It is swift to touch the panel.
  • The voice speaking system is outstanding.
  • It’s hard to fold up this headband.
  • No apt HD or apt support

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphone For Small Heads – Sony WH1000XM4


This is no doubt an excellent option for those who are looking for a bit of noise-cancelling effect. These wireless connection headphones do their job correctly by blocking the external noises up to almost 100 per cent.

You will focus and concentrate more on excellent music rather than another world. Sony is a well-known brand and tends to be comfy. Most of the headphones fall into this brand category.

Furthermore, it is well known for its sound quality. This headband also provides the voice assistant Alexa that helps you in music, weather and navigation system.

Key specifications:

  • Acoustic design: Over-ear
  •  Connectivity: Comfortable Wireless headphones for small heads
  •  Frequency response: 4Hz-40kHz
  •  large Drivers: Neodymium
  •  Driver type: Dynamic
  •  Sensitivity: 101 dB
  •  Impedance: 16-47 Ohms

By just clicking on the button, you can operate the headphones within no time.

In these headphones, there is a unique option of quick attention mode.

This mode is used to cover the right ear cup that can make your music wired connection easy.

It provides you with intelligent listening that helps you to activate and deactivate the music track.

When it comes to battery life, the battery lasts for almost 30 hours. After nearly 30 hours, you have to charge the headphones again.

As it lasts for multiple hours so the capacity can last easily for the day without being charged.

It has a unique mode of quick charging that lasts for the whole day with enough power and quality. Check their advertising website.

  • Excellent Sound Quality & Noise Cancellation
  • Long Battery Life & Quick Charge
  • comfortable Beautiful Design
  • Sensitive Touch Controls
  • Connection To Multiple instruments Is Not Good As Bose Quiet Comfort 35
  • The sony app is well known and popular among on-ear headphone users. In addition, you can customize the sounds according to your likes and dislikes.

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Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear


This headphone is available at a very reasonable premium price. Many peoples think the low price headphones compromise the quality but in this case of headphones.

With these on-ear headphones, you will get more than you will pay. In this affordable price range, we can say that this headphone is best for children’s use.

Key specifications:

  • Bluetooth Version 4.0.
  • Range 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Talking time Around 15 hours.
  • Playback Time Around 13 hours.
  • Charging Time 4 hours.
  • Charging Voltage 5V.
  • Battery Capacity: 420mAh.

A unique quality of this headphone is it is available in 8 different colour options; you can choose any headphone with your favourite colour. These fit so well on the smaller headphones that’s why they are considered the best headphones.


These headphones provide an easy and smoother connection without any problem due to the availability of the 5.0 wireless Bluetooth connection.

It is considered the best Bluetooth headphone as it provides the best wireless headphone range of almost 10 meters.

This range of Bluetooth connects the headphones with tv, laptops, PC and many other devices.

For connecting to these significant devices, in addition to these headphones, you will require different Bluetooth transmitters.


These headphones come with a micro USB charging cable. However, it works best when you use them with a 5V1A adapter.

If you have the iphone adapter, then it works best with these headphones. With this charger, you can charge the whole battery in just 2and half hours.

By using a 5V0.5A, you will have to wait for 5 hours till it gets charged. Furthermore, the 5V0.2A adapter takes almost 8 to 10 hours to charge the headphone.

When your phone is fully charged, you can easily use the headphones for 65 hours and can every person enjoy the music tracks.

If your battery starts getting low, you can still enjoy the music tracks by connecting the 3.5mm audio cable that comes with headphones.


Comfortability is the major problem with those having large heads. They can use over-ear headphones with smaller headbands.

The most basic purpose of using this headphone is that it fits properly on the ears of the tiny head peoples. It will remain fixed unless you move your head a lot.

The cushion ear cups help a lot, providing comfortability, and it maintains the pressure between the ears and the headphones.

Nice Ear Cushions

They are composed of memory proteins that are structured according to your head structure.

Moreover, these are so soft that they give you the feeling of the human skin that makes you more comfortable. Finally, the soft padding of the ear cups maintains the many hours’ comfortably.

In addition to all these qualities, it also contains a built-in microphone. You also need to make adjustments to your music player. You have to adjust the control according to the sound control you want to listen to.

  • Best sound quality for the price.
  • Up to 20 hours of extended battery life.
  • Available in a lot of colors.
  • These are not very comfy.
  • Low price plastic.
  • Mpow H1 is a much better option to purchase.

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Bose SoundLink – Headphone fit is over-ear for small heads


These headphones provide excellent quality sound. These are one of the well-known participants’ best wireless headphones because of their deep and immersive sound.

It uses the latest Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth feature makes this wireless headphone an ideal option for connectivity with multiple devices.

Key specifications:

  • Colour Black
  • Type Headphones
  • Headphone Type Over-Ear
  • Connectivity best Wireless headphones
  • Model Number Sound Linking
  • inbuilt Microphone No Cord
  • Length (Metres) 1.2
  • Connector Size 3.5mm
  • Weight (g) 152.00
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Bluetooth Version 4.1

Additionally, They have a unique mic setup, and there is a properly well-balanced HD system, which enables you to attend to the phone calls even in an annoying environment. Finally, there is another property that you can switch in between Bluetooth devices.

If you’re a demanding user who needs your gear to handle very high sound pressure, this is a perfect option for you.

This enables you to watch the video together with the answer calls perfectly. In these wireless headphones, the wireless range is up to 9 meters. You can also attach them with a pc.

This device has a fantastic combination and TriPort technology and Active EQ; These Bose headphone features provide optimal comfort while delivering the best sound quality.

Which is solid and crisp in any volume. This way, you can enjoy playing the soundtrack more.

Furthermore, the superb and balanced microphone setup makes you compatible in even taking calls in a noisy environment. It also enhances the sidetone, making your voice sound more precise on the other end.

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Moreover, These are suitable headphones that at the same time can easily connect between the two things.

If we take an example that one of the calls is coming on your apple devices and you are busy watching the movie on your iPod device, it will pause music itself.

This headphone is more durable in build quality and lightweight when it is compared with several headphones.

Due to lightweight and other features, these are engineered with an effect of resistant materials which will perfectly fit in your busy routine. Search their site for more information.

The ear pad enables you to exchange between the music and calls from your phone easily. So you can have them in everyday use.

Furthermore, You can also wear them for long periods that feel comfortable. These are worth buying as they provide great comfort.

Moreover, It performs many functions on several Samsung, Apple, and Android devices. In addition to all these functions, its primary function is to monitor the sounds for several hours.

  • impressive sound
  • Clearer answer calls
  • easily switch
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Convenient on-ear Controls
  • Sleek and streamlined design
  • Calls are not clear when you attend the calls.

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 Bose Quiet Comfort 35 (Series I) – Noise Cancelling Headphones, for small heads


These headphones for small heads are known for their noise-cancelling effects.

These are comfortable headphones, and also they are budget-friendly. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 series I is perhaps the best headset for most people with small heads.

Based on their features, these headphones run the best sound clarity and are comfortable. In addition, these are considered the best wireless headphones with the outclass noise cancellation effect.

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Key specifications:

  • Headphones subtype Over-ear headset
  • Headphones driver Closed
  • Active noise-cancelling Yes
  • Power source Li-ion battery
  • Headphones sensitivity Not disclosed
  • Frequency response Not disclosed
  • Headphones impedance Not disclosed
  • Plug type 2.5mm headset jack plug (optional)
  • Inline volume Yes
  • Weight 310g
  • Cable length 1.2m
  • Accessories Travel case, airline adaptor
  • Warranty One year RTB

These consist of the volume increase EQ, whose primary function is to balance audio performance nicely at every capacity.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 series have a very flexible battery capacity of twenty hours per charge and can last up to 40 hours when in wired mode.

It consists of a wireless connection that provides the best noise blocking along with the Bluetooth pair. In addition, these slight head headphones provide you with dual microphone noise avoidance that assures your calls with clear vocals in a windy environment.

Moreover, you can use the free Bose attach app for your device. This will improve your listening experience and listening time.

You can enjoy listening to music all day long due to the lithium-ion capacity that you can recharge at any time.

The small heads over-ear headphones contain very soft pads when you wear them; these will comfortably fit you.

They are a great option as they have style and unique shape. After reading the review, we found out. Their build quality is fantastic in providing the BlueTooth features.

This feature makes it possible for you to take long calls without any disturbance.

Furthermore, these slight head headphones are Lightweight, premium material that makes the fit comfortable, hence enjoy music all day, all time.

  • Slight head headphones with Clear calls
  • Comfortable weight, premium soft material
  • Noise cancellation
  • gives great sound
  • Loose wires
  • The actual sound quality of your music
  • The price is slightly higher.

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Sennheiser HD 25 Best Headset For Small Heads


These are the best headphones for slight headphones, and they perfectly fit your tiny head. The first thing is that these are the best on-ear DJ headphones.

Most headsets create a sound that is well balanced and detailed. These headphones for small heads will sound sharp, clear, and crisp.

Key specifications:

  • Acoustic design: Over-ear 
  • Connectivity: Wired & Wireless
  • Frequency response: 16Hz-22kHz 
  • Drivers: N/F 
  • Driver type: Dynamic 
  • Sensitivity: 120 dB
  •  Impedance: 70 Ohms

You can also get the benefits even without having a headphone amp. These wireless headsets are portable. You can use them for extended periods.

These have soft ear cups that, after wearing them, prevent the head from hurting and becoming uncomfortable.

These look very cool and stylish in design. Check their advertising on the official site.

  • Great Sound & Isolation
  • Durable & Light in weight
  • Easy On Your Ears And Heads
  • Cables Connection Is A Weak Point
  • No Noise Cancelling

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Bluetooth Headphones – Wrap Around The Head

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These Bluetooth headphones with an ergonomic design properly wrap around the headphones. In addition, these headphones accurately fit on the different smaller head sizes.

This is the ideal and best wireless headset. Furthermore, you can increase your listening experience to listen to the best music quality bass and for more extended periods.

Furthermore, some headphones completely squeeze your ears when used for more extended periods.

These headphones are best for those who work in the gym or for gym workouts. They can wear them while working.

It also has a power button; the buttons are used to change the music and take phone calls. You can also pause the rings on your Android phones while listening to music.


It has certain unique features that make sure that your listening experience is fantastic. The wrap-around is the best option that covers your ears so well that they are worth buying.

Furthermore, their ergonomic design will make you comfortable. Specifically, those who wear glasses should think of buying headphones of this type.

These headphones are portable because they are lightweight. Moreover, You can also carry them in a carrying bag.

In these headphones, you can also shuffle and link the music the way you want.

As these are portable when you carry them in the protective bag, they will not break, and will remain compact even if you use them for extended periods.

In addition to these factors, it is perfect for those who work out a lot. They can enjoy the stereo sound quality along with work.

Moreover, these are sweat resistant, so you should purchase them. Finally, you can wear these headphones comfortably for small heads for more extended periods.

  • Easy to control the music
  • Long-battery life
  • Lightweight and bit compact design
  • Ergonomic design headphones
  • Ideal for the smaller heads only

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These comfortable headphones for small heads can easily fit small heads, so if you don’t have the right size of the head, no need to worry.

You can use these headphones for smaller heads that are available in many varieties. Most of them are the best wireless headphones, and some are also used as gaming headsets.

We have mentioned all the headphones for small heads with excellent sound quality and deep bass.

For some of them, you have to pay the extra cost because of the CSR technology. However, you can wear these all headsets for long periods.

Some are bulky, and some are professional stereotypes. So, in the end, it’s your choice to make the right decision after reading many reviews and visiting different sites and websites.

There are also studio headphones that can attach to the laptop by using the wire. So don’t waste your money, do your search correctly and also read the review.


How do I make my headphones fit my small head?

These ear headphones are of good quality, and they contain memory foam. The memory foam ear padding provides custom comfort. In addition, the headband of these headsets is adjustable, which means they do not cause the head to hurt.

Are Beats headphones good for small heads?

Beats by dre are the best wireless headphones for small heads with rock sound quality. In addition, these ear headphones have a built-in mic and noise cancellation properties.

Some of them ear-pads are made of a faux leather enclosure and elastic sponge, plus the touch is very soft, preventing headaches. These have a polished metal design, and these increase your playing time. These have a robust soundstage and are budget-friendly.

After reading the reviews, make your decisions. On an honest note, they are compatible, and you can also play the movies. Spend on comfortable and tight headsets that do not cause headaches because your health and money matter. Imagine having a budget-friendly headset with all the essential features that can stand for many years, that all is a bit fun, and looks excellent.

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