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Hit Reality TV Show Production Company 3 Ball Productions Installs Equator Audio Q8 Studio Monitors

3 Ball ProductionsHollywood, California - In the fast paced world of reality TV, few production companies have reached the success of 3 Ball Productions. The company has chosen an Equator Audio Research Q8 surround system for their newly equipped surround post production room.

The newly constructed room features a Pro Tools HD recording platform with 5 Equator Audio Q8 monitors on Ultimate Support stands. Incorporated into the system is an Event 20/20/12 subwoofer with surround pass-through’s. “Having the surround pass-through’s on that sub allows the automated Equator Room Analysis software to tune the room quite effectively” noted Martin Bradley, Equator Audio specialist. “In this world, things happen fast. They need to know that what they hear is what they’ll get” he added.

Dana C. Arnett ,VP of Post Production for 3 Ball Productions was overseeing the installation. “The room has already been involved with or is scheduled to be involved with a number of projects for multiple networks including: I USED TO BE FAT for MTV, HAIR BATTLE SPECTACULAR for Oxygen, WHAT’S EATING YOU for E!, and MY CAT FROM HELL for Animal Planet.”.

Equator monitors combine a traditional phase accurate coaxial design with cutting edge digital technology.

Equator monitors combine a traditional phase accurate coaxial design with cutting edge digital technology. Each Equator Q Series monitor employs a Zero-Point Reference high-frequency horn compression driver which allows for high sound pressure levels before distortion. Each speaker also features an internal CPU that facilitates a host of functions including matching transducer output to ensure accurate imaging, DSP crossover implementation to dramatically reduce midrange distortion, and the ability to evaluate and compensate for existing environmental sonic conditions ala the Equator Automated Room Analysis MAC/PC software.

3 Ball Productions was founded in 2001 and has become a vibrant sought after operation. Located in Redondo Beach, they find themselves just far enough outside of the “normal” Hollywood production scene to lend a slight air of calm to the high intensity of deadline driven reality TV production. This post-production audio retool is a continuation in their quest for quality.