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Keith Compton - Grammy nominated artist / engineer / producer

Equator Monitors First Choice for Nashville's Keith Compton

Keith Compton

Seasoned Professional Goes With Equator Audio Q12s. The Nashville recording scene has gone through many changes over the years with successful viability carefully negotiating each change. Keith Compton ( ) remains a consistently active Nashville presence and is well into his 4th decade as a prominent Nashville recording engineer, working with the cream of the Christian, AAA and Bluegrass crop of artists. Staying on the forefront requires Keith to continually reevaluate his gear. To deliver the sonic detail he expects Keith has chosen Equator Audio Research Q12s as his main monitoring system.

Equator monitors combine a traditional phase accurate coaxial design with cutting edge digital technology. Each Equator Q Series monitor employs a Zero-Point Reference high frequency horn compression driver which allows for high sound pressure levels before distortion. Each speaker also features an internal CPU that facilitates a host of functions including matching transducer output to ensure accurate imaging, DSP crossover implementation to dramatically reduce midrange distortion, and the ability to evaluate and compensate for existing environmental sonic conditions ala the Equator Automated Room Analysis MAC/PC software.

Since the early 90’s Keith has primarily worked out of his private room often referred to as Nashville Recorders. It is at this facility that Keith employs the Equator Q12 monitors. He had a few things to say about the acquisition and the Equator Q12s themselves: “It had been about ten years since I changed monitors, so it was time for new ones. I’ve worked on a bunch of systems over the years, cheap to super expensive customs. I knew it would be a long search for something new. As soon as I told Kurt Howell my old neighbor and friend, who also sells Equator monitors, he said I’ll be over with something you’ve got to hear. He brought over the Q10’s and Q12’s. Long story short, he left my mix room without the Q12’s. The resolution and bigness really sold me. I’ve always been a fan of concentric speakers.”

“The first project I used the Q12s to mix and master was a new record for Michael Martin Murphey ( I’m presently co-producing Ryan Murphey (Michael Martin Murphey’s son and producer). The Texas Music Awards chose Ryan as music producer of the year. “I’ve done the past four records for Christian artist Michael Card ( I recorded, mixed and mastered the last three. I look forward to using the Q12s when we start a new project this month.”

Keith summed up his thoughts with this: “Besides the way these monitors sound, the image and bigness is great. They are very un-fatiguing even after working all day and these speakers sound super at low levels all the way to stun and blow-dry.”