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Equator Studio Monitor Technology

Active 2-Way Coaxial Designed Studio Monitors with Internal DSP

We all want better sounding music. Better Mixes. But what is the real reason for a bad mix?

We believe the most important area is the midrange. A lack of detail in the midrange during production will cause significant quality loss due to the following:

  • Midrange Phase Distortion
  • Image Shifting
  • Dramatic "Smiley Face" Voicing Curves

We have researched these issues and have developed a solution to this with our Equator Studio Monitors, making them ideal monitors for music.

Equator was founded with the goal of offering the highest level of detail available in a studio monitor. With a team of highly experienced audio professionals, Equator spent thousands of man hours developing systems to overcome the myriad of sonic obstacles confronting recording engineers. Our studio monitors deliver extensive mid-range clarity that allows an engineer or producer to hear the minute details within this range in order to avoid distortions or "rubs" in the final production. This results in a project that translates accurately and appropriately making them ideal monitors for music.

Mid-range clarity is achieved by designing our studio monitors with specific attributes:

  1. Phase and time coherent to avoid midrange phase distortion.
  2. Matched left and right output for absolute imaging.
  3. Extremely accurate mid-range voicing.

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