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  D5 Studio Monitors with DSP (Pair)

Equator D5 Studio Monitors with DSP (Pair)

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D5 Studio Monitors with DSP (Pair)
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Equator 2-Way Active Coaxial Studio Monitors with Internal DSP 
(Sold as a Pair)

"if there's a better speaker that's even close to this price range, I haven't heard it.  The midrange has excellent definition, particularly in the upper mids - they're smooth and non-fatiguing.
Electronic Musician Magazine

"The D5 could arguably top a "$750 and under" small monitor classification; sonically, I agree that they compete with heavyweight competition from names such as like Neumann, Genelec and Focal, all of which are much costlier."  
Pro Audio Review Magazine

"The D5 studio monitor is high quality, low in cost, sounds fantastic, offers amazing detail and imaging, and is backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee."  
Tape Op Magazine

"I soon realized that something special is going on here."  
Recording Magazine

"This is a no-brainer:  Buy these speakers. You will not be disappointed." 

Mix Magazine

"Precise, uncoloured reproduction is impressive enough, but it was the D5s' mid-range clarity and detail - especially around the crossover point - that really grabbed me."   

Sound on Sound Magazine

Our Goal:  Develop a Pro Monitor to Sell for Under $300 a Pair
How Can We Do It?
Selling direct to the end-user allows us to eliminate the margins normally received by a distributor, a retailer, and a factory sales rep.  Further, by reducing our own margins we are able to use the highest quality (expensive) components to deliver the absolute best product for an amazing $299.99 introductory price.  Through normal retail distribution channels, with our current BOM (Bill Of Materials) and the cost of each link in that sales chain (Distributor, Rep, Dealer), the D5 would cost the end-user no less than $749 per pair with performance that exceeds that of other competitive $749 per pair products.

Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love them that we even offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.   Every room has different sonic characteristics.  The best place to demo the D5's and confirm your speaker purchase is within your own room.  If for any reason within the first 60 days of receiving the D5's you are not completely satisfied with your D5 purchase, just email us at:  or call us at 888-772-0087 to receive a return authorization number. 

The Details

Our new D5's (Direct 5) studio monitors are geared for the recording professional seeking a small (9.75" x 7" x 8.5"), affordable, accurate, well-voiced, reference studio monitor solution. Focused attention was paid to the development details to ensure that they deliver professional sonic performance. These monitors feature an expensive coaxially designed transducer with a 5.25" woofer and a 1" silk tweeter.  The frequency response is 53hz to 20khz. A new cutting edge digital amplifier with breakthrough performance was designed specifically for the D5. The internal DSP allows for intricate factory adjustments.


The D5 also has pro features such as balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced TRS inputs as well as a boundary selection switch to select the appropriate monitor response for their placement (in a corner, in front of a wall, free standing).  No plastic front baffle here.  The D5 features an all wood cabinet, including a wood front baffle for optimum performance.  No simple air releasing cutout on the front baffle or cut-out hole in the back.  The D5 features a fully extended 1.75" perfectly tuned front port, providing superior and accurate extended low-end response.  And because the port is on the front baffle, the D5's can be positioned close to a wall with no fear of the low-end being choked.  

The coaxial transducer design combined with a steep 4th order crossover delivers a detailed mid-range that allows for clarity in that complex 900Hz - 3 kHz range.  Guitars, voices, strings, horns, & reverb trails are very clearly and accurately portrayed and any mid-range anomalies that might exist in the source material can be easily determined and addressed. Because of our matched transducer output, mid-range mix elements can be positioned in the stereo field without the fear of being misplaced. The D5’s are optimally pre-set and voiced for ideal instrument translation. 

Like the Q Series, the D5 features our Zero-Point Reference™ custom designed coaxial Digitally-Controlled Transducers™ along with internal DSP to provide a matched output curve for every unit. This allows for accurate no-shift imaging. The DSP allowed pin-point accurate adjusting during the voicing process. The voicing was aided by award-winning recording engineers that referenced their hit mixes for voicing considerations.  The final D5 pre-set voicing curve is optimal for mid-range detail.  With high-quality components, internal DSP, 100w of power and 103 dB of SPL the D5 deliver a huge bang for a little buck.

Equator Audio: Why Coaxial Speakers?

Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 | Total Reviews: 27 Write a review.

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D5 Monitors for Film Work September 30, 2012
Reviewer: WILLIAM FINCH from AUSTIN, TX United States  
I've been recently using D5 monitors for film editing cuts and ambient sound loops. Everything is clear and distinct. Scene to scene level balance is good. It speeds up the process. I cut without a subwoofer and review with subwoofer switched in. So far no changes have been needed in subsequent mixing or actual venue review. Forget the price. These  D5 monitors are good. Everyone is happy.

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The D5's are Superb! September 14, 2012
Reviewer: Bob Gaffney from Palm City, FL & Nashville, TN. United States  
I have been tracking and mixing with the D5's for a few months now and I must say they are superb! Excellent clarity and stereo imaging. I've turned these monitors on to several other folks on the Cakewalk forums.
I AB'd these against my Dynaudio BM5 MKII's which are much more expensive, and the D5's were a clear winner. You won't find a better pair of monitors for 3 times the price, never mind the $299 they sell for. And Ted Keffalo is a great guy to deal with. GET THESE!

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Awesome for the price! September 10, 2012
Reviewer: Robert "VOiD" Caprio from West Babylon, NY United States  
I just mixed a pop/rock album with D5s and I'm very pleased with the results.  The studio I mixed in is a Hidley designed studio and has an SSL G+/E series desk with Pro Tools HD.  Using the studio's Kinoshita large-field monitors as a reference (being that they are some of the most accurate monitors in the world) I was able to compare the mixes with a proven standard.  The mixes from the D5s were outstanding with excellent translation from studio to home/car stereos.  I also compared the mixes with Yamaha NS-10ms, which are a studio standard.  I found that the mixes done on the NS-10ms would likely need more in the way of mastering, since it seems the D5s brought out more of the frequencies I needed to cut to make the mix balance correctly.  I've been mixing on NS-10s for decades but the D5s may well become my monitor for near-fields. Overall I'm very happy with the D5s and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great active monitors.  For the price these things are astonishing.

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D5's are the Truth August 30, 2012
Reviewer: Kyle Whitford from New Bern, NC United States  
I have used the D5's for a several months now and love them! They translate really well to other listening environments.  Can't ask for much more at this price point. Great Sound, Great Deal!

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Best-in-class reference monitor August 29, 2012
Reviewer: Stanly Mathew Thomas from Bangalore, Karnataka India  
The mids are very clear...mixes translating very well...I loved it!!!

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