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Brent Sparks (Front of House Engineer) For Eric Church Uses D5 Studio Monitors

Brent Sparks Adds Equator D5 Studio Monitors

Brent SparksFOH mix engineer for the tour, Brent Sparks commented: "I've never used near fields mixing live, but am currently using Equator D5's. I have to say the D5's have been amazing for zeroing in on the ultimate live mix, helping to tune up my ears and consequently the PA tuning as well." "I originally bought the D5's for critical listening at home, but used them in rehearsal and found them highly beneficial."

Brent continued. As ticket sales have exceeded expectations, so have the db levels of the system and the audience. At a certain point Brent intends to move up to Q Series monitors for his reference but for now the D5s are firmly planted on his console.

The new D5 (Direct 5) studio monitors are geared for the recording professional in need of a small (9.75" x 7" x 8.5"), affordable, accurate, well-voiced, reference studio monitor solution. It features a coaxially designed 5.25" woofer and center mounted 1" silk tweeter in an all wood cabinet. The newly designed digital amplifier boasts extremely low distortion specs and delivers 2 x 50w RMS. SPL is rated at 103 dB combined @ 1m. Frequency response is 53Hz--20 kHz.

To achieve extensive mid-range detail the D5 shares much of the acclaimed Equator Q Series technology. Like all Equator 2-way active monitoring systems, the D5 employs a Zero-Point Reference coaxial design with internal DSP handling numerous tasks, including matching the Digitally-Controlled Transducer's output and the ability to apply pin-point accurate voicing.