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Q12 Studio Monitors (Sold as a Pair)
Q12 Studio Monitors

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The Q series built-in DSP gives you extraordinary control over the speakers' accuracy and resopnse in your mixing environment. Enter your room's dimensions into the included software, and the monitors digitally correct for three standing waves (front to back wall, left to right wall, and floor to ceiling). Enter each speaker's position in the room, and the software digitally compensates for pi space and boundary/placement anomalies.

Comes complete with the Secondary Reflection Correction software (microphone not included) which puts fully automated control at your fingertips. Featuring a series of proprietary algorithms for the analysis, correction, and compensation of room response characteristics, the SRC software - in combination with a specialized calibrated microphone (included) - measures each speaker and makes adjustments to optimize the speakers' response for specified listening positions in the room. Stereo, 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and 8.2 monitoring configurations can be quickly and easily optimized and saved. You can even create multi-position configurations, so the engineer can monitor properly at the mix position, and the band can listen accurately and comfortably from the control room couch.

Reflected waves bouncing off your console or your video monitor are the bane of just about every recording musician on the planet. These secondary reflections can cause frequency dips and comb filtering in the critical 800Hz-3kHz range, giving you a skewed tonal picture and wreaking serious havoc with your stereo imaging. They're one of the main reasons that mixes leave studios with buried vocals, harsh guitars, and other sonic unpleasantries.

The Secondary Reflection Correction software identifies, then digitally corrects for these undesirable reflections. So when you listen to your mix on a Q monitor, you're hearing pure, uncolored, and totally unobstructed.

    • Zero-Point Reference
      Two drivers, one sonic point source. Perfect phase and time coherence along the X, Y, and Z axes. Exceptional off-axis imaging in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
    • Digital Self-Correction
      Automatic driver tolerance compensation.
      Automatic three-stage (length/width/height) room standing wave and secondary reflection correction.
      Automatic pi boundary compensation.
    • High Definition Titanium Compression Horn Driver
      The custom titanium compression driver delivers exceptionally precise, detailed, and accurate high frequency response. The horn's uniquely-designed throat section creates an extended horizontal high frequency dispersion pattern, and provides superior off-axis response in both the vertical and horizontal planes.
    • Zero-Point Reference Coaxial Design
      Digital control over the driver components allows for perfect audio alignment between the low and high frequency transducers on all three axes—X (horizontal), Y (vertical), and Z (depth). The result: Superb imaging, enhanced off-axis response, and exceptional midrange clarity.
    • Fiberglass-Impregnated Low Frequency Driver
      The woofer cone is fashioned from a blended fiberglass/pulp mixture, chosen for its strength and damping characteristics. The cone's straight-sided shape minimizes decoupling of acoustic energy with the energy of the surround and voice coil.
    • Programmable DSP Control Display
      The multi-segment LED allows you to monitor power protection, network communication, volume, and compression/limiting (when enabled). LED brightness is
      controllable via USB.
    • Cast Aluminum CAD Coaxial Driver Basket
      A performance-enhancing top plate for the woofer's magnet assembly cools the voice coil and provides a significant increase in midrange performance. The cast
      aluminum coaxial driver basket also serves as a heat sink to the top plate of the magnet structure, allowing the speaker to run cooler at high power levels.
    • Polyester Half-Roll Flexible Surround
      Featuring excellent excursion and weight-to-strength properties—while also maintaining proper phase relationship with the LF cone—the custom half-roll
      surround provides exceptionally accurate operation, even at high sound pressure levels.
    • 13-Ply Baltic Birch Resonant Damping Cabinet
      The Q series enclosure sides and backs are constructed from 13-layer Baltic birch; the sculptured front baffle is 1 in HDF. Together they provide the optimum combination of acoustic damping and enclosure strength. The Q12 and Q15 are equipped with cast aluminum handles. and all models are lined with rubber support
      pads and feature OmniMounttmcompatible mounting holes.
    • Continuous-Flow Low Turbulence Bass Ports
      Two large, long. graduallydirected low air-restriction bass ports provide turbulence-free, quiet operation—giving the Q series the dramatic low end punch of a virtually uncompressed tuned bass-reflex.

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