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Introducing the equator Q Series line of Studio Monitors:

Q12A line of studio monitors that are self-powered using the most advanced DSP with an intuitive software front-end (Equator Control & Equator Room Analysis).  Each monitor is equipped with a magnetically shielded low distortion, high-powered, coaxial driver containing an integrated high SPL constant directivity horn all housed within a 13-ply Baltic Birch constructed cabinet.
The equator Q Series line consists of four studio monitor models each designed from the ground up to be state-of-the-art. 
Q8: 8" Two-Way
Q10: 10" Two-Way
Q12: 12" Two-Way
Q15: 15" Two-Way
Each Q Series system contains a 90 x 40 constant directivity horn. Every design aspect of the line has been carefully thought out to provide the best performance possible. The equator Q Series is a coaxial driver based studio monitor line utilizing stylish compact symmetrical enclosures; each powered by digital amplifiers and a proprietary DSP controller and software interface.

The finish of the enclosure is achieved through several stages of sanding and painting to provide a high quality finish. The enclosure material is constructed of a combination of 13 layer Baltic birch plywood for the sides and back and 1" thick HDF material for the sculptured front baffle to provide the best combination of acoustic dampening and enclosure strength possible.

The Q12 and Q15 enclosures are equipped with cast aluminum handles for transit purposes.  The inside of the enclosure is lined with 1" acoustical fiberglass insulation throughout.  Internal bracing provides support for the large shielded magnet assembly of the coaxial driver as well as side-wall support to the enclosure.  Large radius side edges in the enclosure provide additional support and rigidity and add a pleasing aesthetic touch.

The bottom of the enclosure is equipped with two rubber support pads that run from front to back and ensure the enclosure will remain steady on just about any surface.  Also on the bottom are four mounting holes which accept 5/16-24 bolts for mounting the systems to a standard Omni-mount WBX60.0 bracket for the Q8 & Q10 and the WBX120.0 for the Q12 & Q15.

Located on the front of the enclosures is a stylish fascia trim which not only houses the L.E.D. panel and cast aluminum woofer support ring, but also provides a smooth gradually tailoring acoustical transition path for the woofers energy to the main baffle. Flanked on each side of the L.E.D. panel are large long gradually directed ports which throughout the systems operation provide turbulent free quite operation and virtually an uncompressed bass-reflex tuned system.

Each equator Q Series system has been designed to minimize the size of the enclosure and baffle. This helps to eliminate baffle edge effects and also keeps the overall system package compact and efficient which enhances the "Symmetry" advantages of the coaxial loudspeaker system design and provides a seamless acoustical experience like never before.